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Brawlhalla is a 2D platform fighter and 100% Free to Play. An eternal battle arena where the greatest Legends ever brawl to prove who is the best that ever was, is, or will be. Every match is an epic test of skill, speed, and strength, and every victory brings glory and bragging rights to the winner.

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Patch 2.69 - Camera Options + Dash in Test Features!

Raidhyn | 1500502929 | Community Announcements
Welcome to Patch 2.69! In this patch we add camera options, the new dash mechanic goes into test features, plus new skins for Wu Shang and Hattori arrive in Mallhalla. We are working hard to get the dash mechanic in a good place, and  eagerly anticipate your feedback. Enjoy the patch!  Mallhalla Djinn Wu Shang - “Your Wish is his KO” Kabuki Hattori - “Deadliest actor on the stage.” The Summer Championship 2017 Pack is live on Steam! Th...

Patch 2.68 - The Last Week of Summer

Raidhyn | 1499893820 | Community Announcements
Welcome to the last week of our the Heatwave event! It’s been three weeks since we began celebrating, but we’re not done yet! In this patch we’re adding an awesome new Brawl of the Week (comes with giant explosive water balloons), two new skins, balance changes, and a number of other fixes. Let us know how your last week of the Heatwave goes!  Mallhalla Sobek Ragnir - “Fury of the Nile unleashed on Asgard!” Dawnwalker Cassidy - "Riding int...

Patch 2.67.1 - Summer Continues!

Raidhyn | 1499294916 | Community Announcements
Welcome to Patch 2.67.1! We’re back from the summer holidays with a minor patch this week. Meanwhile we’ve been working excitedly behind the scenes on some updates we can’t wait to share with you once they’re ready! We hope that you'll stay tuned for more Brawlhalla goodness, and that you're enjoying the Summer fun. New Brawl of the Week - Water Balloon Fight! When it's too hot for snowballs break out the water balloons! Two teams of 3 fac...